Skunk Trapping For Lucas and Wood County Ohio Provided By Toledo Wildlife Control Of Ohio

Humane And Effective Skunk Trapping Strategies For Lucas And Wood County Ohio Residential, Commercial, And Municipal Properties

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Toledo Wildlife Control’s Expert Lucas and Wood County Skunk Trapping Team Can Solve All Your Nuisance Rat Problems

The Toledo Wildlife Control crew is professionally educated, trained, and certified in skunk trapping and knows how to provide solutions to all types of skunk problems. You’ll be so glad to see that we’re here for you when you get a challenging situation that needs our excellent skunk trapping and control team.

Toledo Wildlife Control, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW division, generally get skunk trapping calls from people who see or smell skunks around their residential or commercial property. If there is a skunk on their property, they will typically see digging areas under or around porches, decks, sheds, and garages, all indicators that skunks are living on your property, though it could also be some other critter, the strong scent usually suggests they have a skunk related issue.

Skunks are one the most common critters humanely trapped by Toledo Wildlife Control. Even though we are highly skilled and know how to capture and remove skunks effectively, our skunk trapping specialist can’t guarantee that a trapped skunk won’t spray during the removal procedure. Though we are highly successful at not getting sprayed by a trapped skunk, we can tell you from personal experience customers who have attempted to trap skunks more often than not receive a face full of skunk spray when they approach the trapped animal.

A Skunk Will Use Its Strong Spray Only When It Or Its Young Are In Danger And Cannot Get Away. But Even Under These Instances, A Skunk Will Warn You Before Spraying By Stamping Its Front Feet, Raising Its Tail, Hissing, And Short Charges While Turning Its Butt Toward You.

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Skunk Control Page Photo: This skunk had burrowed into an area near a clients foundation.
Skunk Control Page Photo: Skunks remain relatively calm once trapped if handled by a professional.
Skink Control Page Photo: This skunk is a bit wary but soon calmed down.
Photo on the Skunk Control Page: Only a trained skunk expert should handle a caged skunk.

Toledo Wildlife Control Provides Skunk Trapping Services Plus Other Wildlife-Associated  Services For The Following 13 Ohio Cities In Lucas and Wood County
Holland, Maumee, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Point PlaceSylvania, Toledo, Waterville, Whitehouse, Bowling Green, Northwood, Perrysburg, and Rossford

Are Lucas or Wood County, Ohio Skunks Dangerous?

Skunks can pose a danger to your health, pets, and property. These nighttime critters are the most common carriers of rabies in many parts of the country, but fortunately, Ohio’s last human rabies case was in 1970. But skunks can pass on other diseases like leptospirosis which is spread through their bites and not through their spray. Given these possible scenarios, all the more reason to call our professional skunk trapping specialists as soon as possible at (419) 552-2001 if there is a skunk taking refuge on your property.

We Take Our Skunk Trapping Work Very Seriously, And That’s Why Toledo Wildlife Control, A Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Division, Ensures You Are 100% Satisfied With Our Work Which Not Only Meets But, In Most Cases, Surpasses National Standards.

If you discover a skunk problem inside your crawl space, under your shed, garage, or porch, it’s time to call our Toledo Wildlife Control skunk trapping experts at (419) 552-2001. We’ll set up a time convenient for you so we can come and inspect your property and building, access your skunk problem, assuming that’s what it is, and offer the best products and strategies to resolve your skunk issues. Plus, don’t forget, we have  Emergency Service 24/7/365, But We Do Add An Extra Fee.

Reasons To Use Toledo Wildlife Control’s Humane Skunk Trapping Services

Our Skunk Trapping Experts are fully trained and certified with years of experience performing effective skunk control in Lucas and Wood County, Ohio. We use state-of-the-science products and strategies that provide solutions for the most challenging skunk problems!

We Remove Many Other Nuisance Wildlife Other Than Skunks

  • We remove the following wildlife critters: bats, beavers, birds, geese, mice, moles, muskrats, raccoons, opossum, rats, skunks, snakes, squirrels, and voles

Can I Trap A Skunk On My Ohio Property?

As an Ohio property owner who may want to trap a skunk on your own, but it is against the law to trap or take a skunk off your property. A person or company must have a license as a commercial nuisance wild animal control operator, as our skunk trapping team has at Toledo Wildlife Control.


“Tyler, Ben & Blake were superb in handling my skunk problems in totaling 10 or so skunks caused by vacant properties. I recommend them in removing nuisance animals! They were also very professional.”

James Porter, 5 Stars, Quality

“Skunks and other critters decided to take up residence under our shed. Lou came out quickly and he was so knowledgeable, was able to assess the situation in no time and got them to move on. He checked the site while we were out of town to make sure they hadn’t returned and gave us lots of tips about how to secure the shed so the rascals wouldn’t be able to get under it again. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions’ services are very reasonably priced and I highly recommend them!”

Kelly Davids, 5 Stars, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value