Attic Restoration Service At Ohio’s Toledo Wildlife Control

Using High Quality Attic Restoration Equipment And Insualtion Products With Customer Safety #1 When Restoring Attic In Lucas And Wood County Ohio Residential And Commercial Buildings

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Let Toledo Wildlife Control’s Top Notch Attic Restoration Team Turn Your Attic Into A Healthy Energy Efficient Space

The Toledo Wildlife Control crew is professionally educated, trained, and certified in residential and commercial attic restorations. We believe we are second to none regarding Lucas and Wood County, Ohio attic restoration. When you hire the Toledo Wildlife Control attic restoration crew, we will restore your building’s attic to a clean, healthy, and energy-efficient condition based on IECC compliance for Ohio.

Generally, our attic team performs attic restorations after we have done a complicated wildlife removal of a colony of bats, flying squirrels, or a raccoon family, and extensive damage caused by the wildlife invasion demands an attic cleanup. Our attic restoration experts will conduct a comprehensive inspection and identify all attic problems.

Generally, our inspectors find soiled, contaminated insulation, piles of feces often containing bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and stained wood and drywall. Our attic restoration team will document the issues with photos, explain the best course of action, and make a more than one reasonable attic restoration price quote.

Toledo Wildife Control attic restoration team bagging up soiled attic insulation due to a bat infestation.
Toledo Wildife Control attic restoration team finding more bat guano in an attic during an attic restoration
Toledo Wildife Control attic restoration team finished removing all soiled insulation.
Toledo Wildife Control attic restoration team blows in some brand new Insulmax insulation

Toledo Wildlife Control Provides Attic Restoration Services Plus Other Wildlife-Associated  Services For The Following 13 Ohio Cities In Lucas and Wood County
Holland, Maumee, Oregon, Ottawa Hills, Point PlaceSylvania, Toledo, Waterville, Whitehouse, Bowling Green, Northwood, Perrysburg, and Rossford

Our Attic Restoration Process Explained In 8 Steps:

  1. We remove all offending wildlife if they exist.
  2. Then we repair all entry points or vulnerabilities into the building if they exist.
  3. Our attic restoration crew starts the cleanup process by removing any debris like damaged venting, wiring, sheetrock, and feces if that exists.
  4. The team will bag some of the old or soiled insulation and use our company’s high-powered HEPA vacuum system to remove all non-bagged insulation and debris.
  5. We then have to deal with decontamination of the surfaces, which will be addressed using a safe decontaminate applied to all affected surfaces. You will then have a healthy, safe environment.
  6. Generally, there will be odor issues in an attic, so our attic restoration crew will apply a fogging mist that will permanently remove all odors.
  7. It’s now time to re-insulate the attic with INSULMAX® blow-in cellulose insulation, which is environmentally friendly and has 85% recycled paper. INSULMAX® insulation is treated for flame resistance giving the material a Class 1/A fire rating and providing a safe home environment. We will use an R-Factor of R-49 to R-60 depending on your unique situation, which means your attic should have 16-20 inches of insulation.
  8. After the attic restoration, a Toledo Wildlife Control crew member will show you photos, so you see we meet all the requirements, and we will clean all of the involved flooring and carpets.

Toledo Wildlife Control, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Division, Provides High-Quality Attic Restorations For All Lucas or Wood County, Ohio Homes, And Businesses While Always Satisfying Our Customers Needs 100%. You Can Contact Us At (419) 552-2001 For Emergency Service 24/7/365 But We Do Add An Extra Fee.

We take our attic restoration work very seriously, and that’s why Toledo Wildlife Control, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW division, ensures you are 100% satisfied. If you are interested in having an insulation restoration, please call us at (419) 552-2001 for a quote plus, don’t hesitate to contact us if your building has a wildlife infestation.

Reasons To Use Toledo Wildlife Control’s Attic Restoration Services

When you hire Toledo Wildlife Control’s attic restoration service, you get a 5-star attic restoration service supported by our customer reviews. Our top-of-the-line Lucas and wood County attic restoration service provides you with fresh new insulation that lowers your heating and cooling costs and decreases energy usage.


We Offer Many Nuisance Wildlife Services Beyond Attic Restorations

  • Our several nuisance wildlife services beyond attic restoration include wildlife exclusion, wildlife trapping, wildlife prevention, wild animal removal, attic and crawl space restoration, insulation replacement, disinfection/deodorizing, commercial bird management/netting, etc.


“We were very fortunate in our decision to call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. Chris returned our call the same day and scheduled a visit within 2 days. Chris and Tyler arrived and immediately began a thorough inspection of our attic and the outside perimeter of our home for bats. They were extremely knowledgeable, offered solutions, made recommendations and answered all of our questions. Both Chris and Tyler were very polite, respectful of our home and extremely considerate regarding all of our concerns. They put our minds at ease in knowing that they had identified our problem and what repairs needed to be done to alleviate future problems. We highly recommend using this service.”

Donald Altaffer, 5 Stars

Chris came out and found the raccoon’s entrance point within 2 minutes after his arrival. He set the trap and we had the animal gone 5 hours later. After spending a week of trying to “do it ourselves” and save some money, where we had sleepless nights because of our dogs losing their minds, we finally called in a professional. What I tried to accomplish in a week, he did in 5 hours. Thankfully, the animal didn’t have her babies yet and we didn’t have that mess (and cost) to deal with as well.

Ron Schramm, 5 Stars: Wildlife Removal